About HK EyeCare

Meet the Team

The HK eye care team includes Hayssam, Mehir and Nancy.

Our goal is to address your visual concerns and customise a treatment option to suit your lifestyle.

Hayssam Khalaf


With over 15 years of experience, our dedicated optometrist has a variety of subspecialties offered at HK EyeCare. Such specialities include:

  • Emergency red eyes: Removing foreign bodies and treating all types of eye infections
  • Dry eye treatments: Formulating regimes and prescribing eye drops to reduce dry eyes
  • Contact lens fittings: Skilled with all forms of contact lens fittings including Daily disposables contact lenses, extended contact lens wear, Multifocal contact lenses, specialty Keratoconic RGP contact lens fitting and Ortho-Keratology.
  • Children’s Vision assessment: With advanced postgraduate knowledge in Behavioural Optometry, all aspects of binocular vision assessment is covered.
  • Myopia Control: Diagnosing children with progressive myopia very early and formulating a treatment plan using advanced spectacle lenses, contact lenses and atropine eye drops to reduce myopia progression.

When not treating his wonderful patients, you’ll find Hayssam travelling with his beautiful Wife, Emma and their 3 young daughters, tutoring, playing tennis and golf, or building and renovating!